Click the Transfund logo above to link to the ATM locator.

Locating an ATM machine when you are out of town is Free. Convenient. Easy to Use.

This terminal locator provides a listing of all ATMs and point-of-sale (POS) terminals on the network. TransFund Offers Regional Missouri Bank ATM Cardholders Surcharge-Free ATMs!

All RMB cardholders need to do is to look for the ATMs that display the NC, TransFund Advantage or TransFund Totally Free symbol and they know the machine owner will not assess a surcharge fee to them.

Once you get to the page find TransFund ATMs by specifying any combination of City and/or State and/or Zip. You will see No-Surcharge machines are denoted with a "Y" in the SF column. These are machines that are within your network and are sur-charge free. If you do not see a 'Y' within the column there will be a sur-charge on the transaction. Or, just visit the App Store on your iPhone or Android and search for the TransFund ATM locator, or scan the appropriate QR code below.

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